We welcome all cruise companies that call on our archipelago. Located off the south coast of Newfoundland, Saint-Pierre and Miquelon is the only French international port in the area. Your passengers will enjoy the French flavor of the islands of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon as part of their Canadian itinerary.

Why make a port of call on Saint-Pierre and Miquelon?

  • An international stopover as part of your Canadian itinerary.
  • French atmosphere and culture.
  • Safe and hospitable environment.
  • A town built around a port (sites to visit, restaurants and shops are readily accessible).
  • Small islands with a choice of customized excursions offered to companies for their passengers or individual island discovery tours for passengers.

Transportation between the boat and downtown Saint-Pierre

To bring your passengers to downtown Saint-Pierre, you can choose to go the Post Office wharf thanks to your tenders or use a shuttle system between the boat and downtown.

Different excursion possibilities are offered to companies in the stopover programs.

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The “Exceptional port of call” Cruise Club

Its role

The cruise club operates thanks to the commitment and participation of each of the actors that are part of it. Members cooperate collegially to accomplish their goals.

Its role is to:

  • Bring together all institutional, private and association professionals related to the cruise industry.
  • Contribute ideas to improve the hosting of stopovers.
  • Coordinate professionals as they accommodate ships (logistics organization, tourist information and tourism products).
  • Analyze the problems encountered and seek solutions.

The objective of the Cruise Club is to:

  • Ensure the continued existence of welcoming arrangements for the cruise companies, the sharing of the stopover schedule, a plan B in the event of inclement weather, formalization of a “cruise product” offer.
  • Establish regular meetings to track commitments.
  • Develop information and communications documents intended for passengers by coordinating their creation and distribution.
  • Ensure that members of the Club and the public are informed.
  • Benefit from this activity by seeing to it that passengers get off the cruise ship and engage in tourist consumption activities on the archipelago.
  • Observe and assess cruise activity.
  • Promote the destination to companies.

Its composition

The Cruise Club is composed of several working groups dedicated to themes as varied as entertainment, welcome, security, technical aspects, improving guided tours, contact with companies, communication and promotion. 

Port infrastructures

Technical information

The deep-sea berth

  • Length: 56.40 meters
  • Draft: 9.5 meters
  • Two dolphins, 100 meters apart from one another
  • Allows 300-meter-long ships to dock
  • A total of 8,770 sq. meters of quay-side surfaces
  • Water and fuel hook-ups

Môle du commerce (breakwater)

  • Three wharves (90, 134 and 170 meters in length)
  • Draft: 6 to 8.5 meters
  • Total storage area: 17,500 sq. meters
  • Ramp for roll-on, roll-off ships
  • Water and fuel hook-ups
  • Bonded warehouse: 1,600 sq. meters

Môle frigorifique (breakwater)

  • Three wharves (85, 120 and 123 meters in length)
  • Draft: 6 to 8.5 meters
  • Total storage area: 17,500 sq. meters
  • Water hook-ups on the three wharves

The Port of Miquelon

  • Main wharf: 105 meters; 5 meters of draft
  • Quai de l’Avel Mad: 46 meters; 5 meters of draft
  • Quai des pêcheurs: drafts: 90 meters; 3 to 5 meters of draft
  • Inner wharf: drafts: 80 meters; 3 meters of draft

Complete and accessible port facilities

  • Simplified customs formalities (only a few minutes)
  • Three languages (French, English, Spanish) spoken at the Port Captain’s office
  • Euros, dollars (Canadian and U.S.) and credit cards accepted


For additional information


Béatrice Lescoublet - Reception and cruise agent

Send a message to Béatrice Lescoublet
Phone : +508-41-01-31

Port Captain’s Office  (VHF canal 12)

Quai de l’Alysse, phone +(508) 41 09 74, cell phone +(508) 55 13 21
E-mail address :

Visiting seafarers must contact the Saint-Pierre Port Captain’s office, which allocates berths, ensures that regulations are applied and oversees the safety of port users.

Ship Agent

Jean-Claude Fouchard

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