The Territorial Brand

The Saint-Pierre et Miquelon - “Exceptional Islands” brand

The territorial brand

The “Saint-Pierre & Miquelon, Exceptional Islands” brand was made public last June.

This brand conveys a consistent image of the archipelago to targeted external tourists, allowing the islands of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon to be better identified and to have a more dynamic image. These elements highlight both the French identity of the archipelago and the strong ties that unite the two islands.

The typographical composition illustrates the ties between the island of Saint Pierre and that of Miquelon-Langlade through a graphic bond, whose color combination is evocative of France.

The “exceptional islands” brand signature confirms, by the use of the plural, that it is an archipelago (and not just a single island), while highlighting what an exception this French territory is to be located in North America, and how exceptional a tourist visit to any of our islands will be.

Why join the brand?

The objectives of this brand are:

  • To share common values and demonstrate our attachment to the territory and its tourism development;
  • To allow professionals of the tourism industry to benefit from a communication strategy intended to strengthen the reputation and image of our destination;
  • To collectively build this richer, more up-to-date, more consistent image of our territory.

This brand is intended to bring together local actors so that they can embody the shared values of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon, namely:

  • The sense of HOSPITALITY, expressed by a deep attachment to authenticity and the sharing of connections between residents and visitors.
  • CREATIVE intelligence, offering a setting conducive to all that is original, surprising, unusual and sensational.
  • The strength of COMMITMENT, which reveals our ability to act jointly in the face of shared challenges. 
  • The strength of OPENNESS, which is conveyed by an affinity for modernity, dynamism and interaction...

En devenant ambassadeur de la marque, vous pourrez :

  • Bénéficier de son utilisation dans vos propres communications ;
  • Avoir accès à la photothèque pour illustrer votre site Internet, vos éditions ;
  • Participer aux salons de promotion de la destination ;
  • Recevoir la newsletter pour être mieux informé des actualités liées à la marque ;
  • Etre mis en valeur sur les réseaux sociaux et les outils publicitaires de la marque ;
  • Bénéficier d’un accompagnement personnalisé de notre chargé de communication-web pour intégrer la marque à vos outils de communication mais aussi pour vous conseiller sur votre communication sur le web ;
  • Participer à des événements pour échanger entre professionnels ;
  • Vous faire prêter du matériel promotionnel lors de vos déplacements professionnels ;
  • Et de multiples autres surprises…

Becoming a member

The Comitee of the Brand is composed of the main bodies contributing to the tourist development of the Archipelago:

  • Council of Miquelon-Langlade et de Saint-Pierre,
  • Archipel Développement,
  • Association le Phare,
  • Francoforum,
  • The three Directorates of the Attractive Development Pole and the Economic Development Pole of the Territorial Collectivity.

1st meeting of the Trademark Committee on October 26, 2016.

Next meeting of the Brand Committee: Wednesday, November 23, 2016.

“Exceptional Products” quality label

  • A qualification label is under study. 


  • Under construction.


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