Bienvenue chez vous : à Saint-Pierre

2 juillet 2021



On commence le mois de juillet en beauté avec "Bienvenue chez vous" : un évènement en deux étapes à Saint-Pierre et à Miquelon. Profitez de la belle saison pour (re)découvrir vos îles, soutenez les professionnels et associations touristiques de l'Archipel dans un festival 100% local.


Premier round :

"Au Taquet " avec EKLECTIK

À Saint-Pierre, au square Joffre ,19h30.


Bonnes vacances à tous et Bienvenue chez vous !

Music Festival

June 21st 2021

As everywhere in Frace on the summer solstice, musicians take to the streets and perform in various public squares and bars.



Les 25 kilomètres de Miquelon

June 26th 2021  in Miquelon/Langlade

Come and participate in the 37th edition of this half marathon race in Miquelon-Langlade!

In a friendly atmosphere, this race brings together as many runners present for the performance as people wishing to complete the race within the four-hour time, whether running or walking. It is also an opportunity for families, groups of friends and visitors to come together for a weekend to participate in the race and the méchoui (barbecue) that punctuates the festive evening that follows!

For further information please consult:

Fête Nationale - Bastille Day

14th  of  July  2021 in Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon 

On  July  14th,  our  national  day  commemorates  the  taking  of  the  Bastille  of  1789.  On  this occasion,  the  Public  places  come  alive  and  most  of  the  population  is  at  this  rendez-vous!

Games  and  meals  will  be  served  and  the  day  ends  with  traditional  fireworks  and  a  popular ball. Come and meet our locals and dance to the sound of the accordion!

Le Dunefest

July 30 and 31st 2021 in Langlade

The Eklectik association is proud to present the Dunefest, which will take place on the sand dune of Langlade. In the program of this festival, musical animation by local artists (French music, Rock, Electro  there will be a barbecue with a campfire and various animations during the day and the evening. There will be for all tastes and all ages, so come breathe an air of freedom!

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The Seafood Festival

August 8 , 2021 in Miquelon

Enjoy hundreds of dishes made from seafood in a friendly atmosphere, all enjoyed by a local music group.

For more information please contact the Visitor Information Centers. Tickets will be also sold online.

The Basque Festival

From August 9 to the 15 , 2021 in Saint-Pierre

This 100% Basque sporting and cultural event takes place every year in August, for a week.

Throughout the week, there will be traditional ball games (pelotta, pelone gum pleone, jokogarbi)  which take place by a different team every evening. An occasion for the local seniors to compete with the pelotaris invited from France and Canada and for the young generation  to show off  their know-how.

The highlight of the event is Sunday, where locals and visitors celebrate the music and gastronomy of the Basque country, participate in Basque games of force and they also  offer demonstrations of Basque dance. The day closes with a popular ball in the square of Zazpiak Bat. Discover our identity through our Basque roots!

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Salon des Métiers d'Art

November 20 and 21

The Salon des métiers d’Art is a unique opportunity to admire the talent, know-how and creativity of the archipelago’s exceptional artists and artisans. In 2020, the 6th edition of the show will again highlight the richness, the quality requirement and the passion of the trade of the exhibitors in various fields such as cabinet making, leather goods, porcelain, sewing, jewelry and more.




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