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Gourmet Grocery Shops

Gourmet Grocery Shops

Arts et Délices

Here, the owners selected exceptional gourmet food products just for you: chocolates, nougats, jams, foie gras, teas, wines and spirits—everything needed to delight the taste buds of a confirmed foodie! All these products were chosen from artisans known for their expertise and the excellence of their products in order to guarantee you the finest quality.

29 rue Boursaint
508 41 40 41

CIA—gourmet food products, wine merchant

If you’re looking for beverages (alcoholic or not), cigarettes, gourmet food products or frozen food items, you’ll undoubtedly find what you need here, for both retail and wholesale purchases.

Rue Albert Briand
508 41 47 97

La Maison du Cadeau

One location containing two very different shops: the first is dedicated to interior decoration, home fragrances and gifts, the second is a gourmet food shop where you’ll find many French gourmet food items (chocolates, jams, teas and coffees). But what they have in common is that they both offer a nice selection of souvenirs to take back home.

Place du général de Gaulle
508 41 39 80

Le Tire-Bouchon—gourmet food products, wine merchant

At Le Tire-Bouchon you’ll find a wide array of authentic and original products (wine and spirits, as well as gourmet food products). The products are selected specifically to please your palate, so indulge!

Corner of Rue Amiral Muselier and Rue Maréchal Foch
508 41 98 00


Près de la Place du Général de Gaulle
BP 4208 - CP 97500 - Saint-Pierre
Phone:+508 41 02 00


MNE - Place des Ardilliers
BP 4208 - CP 97500 - Miquelon-Langlade
Phone: +508 41 02 01

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