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Cultural Activities

Cultural Activities

La Maison des loisirs (recreation center)

If you feel like doing sports during your visit, head to the Miquelon recreation center, where you’ll surely find an activity that will please you among the many possibilities: soccer, basketball, handball, karate, tennis and archery and more.

12 rue Antoine Soucy
508 41 63 32

Miquelon Museum

This small museum, which bears witness to the Acadian origins of the island’s inhabitants, displays many surprising objects illustrating their customs and activities: a journey back in time!

The museum's visit is included in the guided tour << History and Heritage >> of the Maison de la Nature et de l'Environnement.

5, rue Sourdeval

Vehicule excursion - "Over our landscapes"

the most beautiful atmospheres of our islandsl
Come with us to explore the island of Miquelon-Langlade. A unique atmosphere that will awaken all your senses. A sensory and emotional “journey” not to be missed!
An unforgettable experience awaits you.

Starts and ends at the Miquelon Tourist Information Center.
all excursions include a ticket for the MNE exhibit
*Book at least one day prior.

Place des Ardilliers
+508 41 61 87

Walk - "Live the history of Miquelon"

At the heart of the village
A few remote houses set on a bank of pebbles and the ocean as far as the eye can see: that’s Miquelon! A village that seems so peaceful …and yet!
Discover the fascinating history of this little community by visiting its many landmarks, including the museum, the wharf and the church.

Starts and ends at the Maison de la Nature et de l'environnement, includes access to the exhibition

Place des Ardilliers
508 41 61 87


Place du Général de Gaulle
BP 4208 - CP 97500 - Saint-Pierre
Phone:+508 41 02 00
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MNE - Place des Ardilliers
BP 4208 - CP 97500 - Miquelon-Langlade
Phone: +508 41 61 87
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