Anne Création—decorative items and creative craft supplies

Decorative objects, creative craft supplies, postcards to send or souvenirs to bring home—you’ll be charmed by all the products in this shop!

2 rue Marcel Girardin
508 55 32 88

Arts et Délices

Here, the owners selected exceptional gourmet food products just for you: chocolates, nougats, jams, foie gras, teas, wines and spirits—everything needed to delight the taste buds of a confirmed foodie! All these products were chosen from artisans known for their expertise and the excellence of their products in order to guarantee you the finest quality.

29 rue Boursaint
508 41 40 41

Bijouterie Poulain

Make sure you stop by Bijouterie Poulain, where you’ll find a wide selection of French jewelry and souvenirs.

17/19 Rue Maréchal Foch
508 41 29 84

CIA—gourmet food products, wine merchant

If you’re looking for beverages (alcoholic or not), cigarettes, gourmet food products or frozen food items, you’ll undoubtedly find what you need here, for both retail and wholesale purchases.

Rue Albert Briand
508 41 47 97

Cuir Océan SPM—tanning and leather goods

A superb workshop specializing in tanning fish skins and crafting leather goods.

Impasse Marguerite
508 55 20 00

Diabolo Menthe—fashion boutique

This store offers famous brand-name clothing in the latest styles.

5 Rue des Français Libres
508 41 24 97

La Boîte à couleurs—art workshop

This creative workshop is the place where artists hang out: canvases, paintings and glass etchings, a wide array of different techniques to discover!

4 rue Amiral Muselier
508 55 52 55

La Maison du Cadeau

One location containing two very different shops: the first is dedicated to interior decoration, home fragrances and gifts, the second is a gourmet food shop where you’ll find many French gourmet food items (chocolates, jams, teas and coffees). But what they have in common is that they both offer a nice selection of souvenirs to take back home.

Place du général de Gaulle
508 41 39 80

La Papeterie de l’Archipel

This business offers two services: the stationery shop, where you’ll find stationery, office furniture, leather goods, etc.; and the O’Plaisir section, where jewelry, interior decorating items and furniture are sold.

30 rue Maréchal Foch
508 41 21 70

Le Tire-Bouchon—gourmet food products, wine merchant

At Le Tire-Bouchon you’ll find a wide array of authentic and original products (wine and spirits, as well as gourmet food products). The products are selected specifically to please your palate, so indulge!

Corner of Rue Amiral Muselier and Rue Maréchal Foch
508 41 98 00


Here, you’ll find all types of books: novels, stories, dictionaries, cookbooks, children’s books, etc. Books can be ordered upon request

8, rue Maître Georges Lefevre
508 41 23 62

Ré-Création—gifts and perfumes

This downtown shop is divided into two sections:

The Gift and Souvenir Shop of the Islands
The items presented in the shop are showcasing the culture and heritage of the islands. Discover the craft of porcelain painting. Unique items entirely hand-made. Personalize your products in the workshop.

The perfumery
All your favorite luxury perfumes are available here, all of them are Duty Free!

4, rue du 11 novembre
508 41 37 00

Studio Briand et Fils—photography, souvenirs

A business that has passed its know-how down from father to son since 1887, Michel Briand & Fils lets customers benefit from its expertise in photography.

1 rue Jacques Cartier
508 41 20 44


Ün1k is a major sportswear shop on the island. You will find a large variety of shoes and accessories from unique and authentic brands!

15 rue Albert Briand
508 41 34 30

Art Passion

In Miquelon, there’s an art gallery with a shop that offers local products: gourmet food specialty items (canned goods, jams, spirits…) and handcrafted items.
You can also enjoy the cafeteria area with its choice of cake and warm drinks.

Maison de la Nature et de l'Environnement
Place des Ardilliers
508 41 67 38


Près de la Place du Général de Gaulle
BP 4208 - CP 97500 - Saint-Pierre
Phone:+508 41 02 00


MNE - Place des Ardilliers
BP 4208 - CP 97500 - Miquelon-Langlade
Phone: +508 41 02 01

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