Les incontournables de Miquelon

Visiting Saint-Pierre et Miquelon? There are many things to do, in one island or the other, especially in the summer months. And on each island the atmosphere changes and so do the landscapes. So, you are guaranteed very diverse experiences wherever you go.

One essential bit of advice: make sure you visit Miquelon!

Compared to the tiny town of Saint-Pierre, Miquelon looks immense and wild. The village is like a piece of lace delicately placed at the surface of the ocean and, there, you will find the peace and the serenity you were looking for all along.

In the summer, the “Grande Île” as the locals call Miquelon, is like a little paradise away from all the hustle and bustle. The tides and the wild horses give life its daily rhythm, all you have to do is let yourself be charmed by all the unspoiled beauty.

Plan to stay two days in Miquelon and do not miss these 10 absolute musts:

  1. In the village

    •    The Museum, a small ancestral home, is filled to the brim with “decor” from local life: a kitchen, a fishing shed. In the attic, there is a photographic dark room dating back to the 19th century. It is a touching testimony to Doctor Thomas – who lived in Miquelon and left behind an incredible collection of photos of the islands.

    •    When you leave the Museum, go to the cemetery and, smack in the middle of it stands the headstone of Anne-Claire du Pont de Renon. She died in 1770 and her monument is the oldest on the islands! It predates the French Revolution of 1789. She was the wife of the local Governor, lived in Miquelon when the Acadian families arrived after 1763, following their deportation. She died before most of them left again to settle in the Magdalen Islands.

    •    Notre-Dame des Ardilliers Church: visiting a small church in a remote place is always a good idea. This one is totally worth it, especially if you do the visit as part of a guided tour offered by the Maison de la Nature; this way, you will not miss any of the fascinating stories about its construction; pay special attention to the alms chest, a testament to the practical mind of the people of Miquelon! Get your change ready and pay close attention to what you pray for!

    •    Today, the center of tourism activity in Miquelon is the new and highly successful Maison de la Nature. It is where you must come to understand all about the local environment, and to map out your days:

    • To make reservations for the eco-balades, or

    • Visit the permanent exhibit on the fauna and flora of the islands,

    • The artisans’ shop is on site,

    • There is also a small cafeteia

  2. Around the village

    •    The Cap Blanc Lighthouse keeps watch over the west coast of Miquelon, just like the Pointe Plate lighthouse in Langlade. As night falls, walk over to the lighthouse for some stunning sunset photographs.

    •    The view of the village from Cap de Miquelon is stunning. It is a steep climb to be sure, but well worth it!

  3. A bit further afield

    •    If you have a car and you do not feel like walking far, take the road to Langlade and stop at the Pointe au Cheval communications tower. Drive on the main road for about 10 kilometers, then turn left. Once you reach the top, you will have a stunning view of the isthmus linking Miquelon to Langlade. Le Grand Barachois and the sand dunes are just below where you are standing. Just think of the hundreds of shipwrecks that lie under all that sand. It is even said that they contributed to the creation of the dune.

    •    Closer to Miquelon (but you may still prefer a car ride!), go to Mirande: After the bridge, turn left on a lovely road that will bring you to le Chapeau and eventually to Mirande Lake, the largest on the islands. This part of Miquelon has its own micro-climate. The sun always shines in Mirande, it is said. Good to know! And if you relish another walk, head to Le Chemin des Boeufs, an easy trail through the boreal forest. Walking in the woods is a rare occurrence on Saint-Pierre et Miquelon.

    •    And, last but not least, head to the most photographed spot on the islands: the superb Vallée de la Cormorandière, within the Cape of Miquelon. This visit is not to be missed. It is an ocean of greenery, a magical place indeed!

For a guided tour of Miquelon, enquire at La Maison de la Nature. The Villages et Paysages tour will lead you through most of the places mentioned here. The Cormandière “Éco-Balade” is a definite favourite.






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