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Saint-Pierre et Miquelon is a wonderful destination if you enjoy nature and outdoor activities. Our islands are singular: they offer a surprising variety of landscapes that are the pride and joy of the islands’ residents and that delight summer visitors.

If you enjoy nature, you’ll love the easy access to wilderness sites! Our islands are sparsely populated (especially in Miquelon-Langlade), so you can expect lots of peace and quiet.

There are several ways to discover the islands of Saint-Pierre et Miquelon.
  1. On your own

    The trails are well marked, and all walks can be undertaken without a guide. Take along a copy of Le Guide Nature, available at the tourism office. It provides complete descriptions of the available walks, as well as corresponding segments of official French Government maps. The guide also details the fauna and flora you will encounter. It is available in English. Do not leave without it!

  2. With a smartphone

    Download the Écobalade app on your tablet or smartphone. It features a guided hike through la Vallée du Milieu, one of the most important biotopes of the island of Saint-Pierre.

    The app will give you a lot of very precise information that will add a lot of interest to the walk. You will learn how to identify the plants or the birds you encounter. There are even audio files of bird songs, as well as ornithological and botanical descriptions that can turn your hike into a learning moment.

  3. With a guided éco-balade at la Maison de la Nature

    Maybe you would prefer a guide, a real, living, breathing guide? In summer, la Maison de la Nature et de l’Environnement, in Miquelon, offers tours led by local guides specialized in the environment and nature of the islands. Surely, it is the best way to discover our most beautiful sites.
  •  There are two hikes in Saint-Pierre:
    • L’anse à Dinand
    • La Vallée des 7 étangs
  •  There are five hikes in Miquelon:
    • The Ishtmus
    • The Grand Barachois
    • La Cormorandière
    • The Cape
    • Le Nid à l’Aigle
The choice is yours, but each area is worth the visit! The islands are yours to discover in the best conditions.

We suggest you spend a few days in Miquelon in order to fully appreciate the environment and experience a few of the hikes on offer. Head to the centre of the village, Place des Ardilliers, to La Maison de la Nature to book your hikes. And while there, take advantage of the interactive exhibits in the interpretation centre.

Bogs, boreal forests, dunes, lagoons or rocky hills … the landscapes vary a lot. Many trails are easily accessible, others require a little bit more of an effort. Before heading out, make sure that the trail you chose fits your abilities. After all, you want to enjoy yourself!

Good news: the most spectacular and possibly the most gorgeous site in all the islands, la Vallée de la Cormorandière, in Miquelon, is one of the easiest hikes. In roughly one hour, you will discover an outstanding panorama.

All along the éco-balades, the guide will provide information on the animals you meet, the birds, their distinctive songs, etc. Heaven awaits the botanists, birdwatchers and photographers. If you are neither, do not worry, the trails are designed for everyone and the beauty of the landscape and the clean air will charm you.

In order to enjoy yourself fully you must have good walking shoes. The trails are often muddy and can also be very rocky: waterproof hiking shoes are ideal. And while we are on the topic of walking gear:
  • Saint-Pierre et Miquelon is a windy place. A windbreaker is a good piece of clothing to have. You may be able to do without in July and August, but during the rest of the year make sure that you carry warm and waterproof clothing as well.
  • October to May: a tuque, gloves and a scarf are a good idea.
  • Walking sticks are very popular these days; they are also quite useful for our terrain.
  • And do not forget binoculars!
In summer, make sure you carry mosquito repellent and a water bottle.

Follow these suggestions and you will be able to fully appreciate all that our nature has to offer.






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