spring at SPM

Visiting Saint-Pierre et Miquelon in the spring? Have you gone mad? There is nothing to do in Saint-Pierre et Miquelon in the spring!

WRONG! There is lots to do on the islands, even in springtime. And you will love it in April, May or June.


1.    Wear the right clothing!

It’s an Atlantic thing: springtime is not a warm season. Apparently, Swedes say that “there is no foul weather, just inappropriate clothing”. The same can be said of Saint-Pierre et Miquelon and the trick is to adapt.


  • Lined clothing, both waterproof and windbreaking.
  • Good shoes, waterproof also.
  • Gloves and headwear (better safe than sorry!)

Once you are properly dressed, you’ll be able to take advantage of all the walking expeditions available year-round. Miquelon and Langlade are always accessible and the boat service for Île aux Marins starts in May. The islands are yours to explore.

Interested in the outdoors? Get “Le Guide Nature”, a booklet that details the 15 walks that you can do on your own all over the islands. You can also download the app “Ecobalade”, for a guided tour of the Vallée du Milieu, in Saint-Pierre.

2.    The Various Shapes of Fog

It is said that Inuit people have many words to describe snow, here we have many words and local expressions to talk about fog… persistent fog.

Make your own fog collection! Stay a few days in Saint-Pierre et Miquelon and you may be able to sample la brume masque (hiding fog), la brume pissouse (pissy fog) and even, maybe, the lovely brume de capelan (caplin fog)!

Spring is also the ideal time to see the fog banks that happen out of nowhere and stretch over the islands. It’s a pity they are impossible to forecast because they are truly magical, and worthy of their very own festival. Fog banks are our aurora borealis… They are elusive, so you truly must be at the right place at the right time to see them. You are now in on the secret! Photographers beware.

Fog turning to rain? Take a mini-van tour of Saint-Pierre or Miquelon. And if you are in Miquelon, head to the Maison de la Nature et de l’Environnement (Center for Nature and the Environment) for a guided tour, where all the splendors of the islands’ natural beauty are on display, indoors!
Once done…, focus on other indoor activities, like eating!

3.    Gastronomy my friend!

In Saint-Pierre et Miquelon, eating well is a year-round affair. After all, you are in France!

And spring season boasts of its very own gastronomical treasure, Snow crab! The fishing season is short (a few weeks only) and its starts in early April. Make sure you get a taste: it has a very delicate taste with a hint of hazelnut; served with a cold dry white wine… it is heaven!

Snow crab is an excellent reason to visit Saint-Pierre et Miquelon in the spring. You can buy it from the fisherman or at the fish monger, but there is a simpler way:  all local restaurants feature the king of seafood.

4.    Off-Season Prices

For many of you, meeting people is at the heart of travelling.

Be the first tourists of the season. You’ll be glad you were.

You will appreciate the kindness of the local people. They will probably be a bit dismayed to see you visiting our islands in the spring, but that will only make them even happier to show you their islands and they will have ample time to do so.

Saint-Pierre et Miquelon is fast becoming a renowned and appreciated destination. To be sure, there is no mass tourism on the islands; still, as of June, it can be hard to find a room at the last minute. It is much easier in April or May.

In summer, demand is very high and hotel rooms are also more expensive. Something to keep in mind: off-season rates are much more affordable. Ferry service between Fortune (Newfoundland) and Saint-Pierre or Miquelon starts in April. It is the cheapest way to come to the islands! You could save a lot compared to a high season visit and we can assure you that your stay will be a memorable one!






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