Before your stay

Immigration formalities

If you are a Canadian citizen, are arriving directly from Canada, and are staying under three months, a passport is not required. However, you need to present an official photo ID. In addition, when returning to Canada, you may be required to present at least a birth certificate.
A passport is required.
A passport is required. Note that all European nationals will have to complete an eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) to transit through Canada.
Third-country nationals must present a valid passport, which may be stamped with a consular visa.

Currency, Taxes and Banks

The Euro is the official currency. Automated teller machines are available on Saint-Pierre as well as Miquelon. Note, however, that automated teller machines accept credit cards but not debit cards.

Several merchants accept Canadian dollars and major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard) but certain public services do not accept foreign currencies.

There are no sales taxes added to goods and services: the price displayed is the price you pay.


Calling to Saint-Pierre et Miquelon from...

  • France : 0 (508) xx xx xx
  • European Union : IAC* (508) xx xx xx
  • Canada and USA : 011 (508) xx xx xx

* IAC : International Access Code

Appel depuis Saint-Pierre

  • France : 0 xx xx xx xx xx
  • European Union : 00 (xx) xx xx xx
  • Canada and USA : 011 (xxx) xxx xxx

Items that can be brought back

You can bring back merchandise that has an overall value of at most €500, inclusive of taxes, per person (€250 if you are under the age of 15). Merchandise in excess of this will be immediately taxed; therefore, it is recommended that you have with you the necessary methods of payment (credit card or check).

Apart from the above information, you are subject to taxes if you exceed the following individual quantitative limits:

Source: CACIMA
TOBACCO PRODUCTS (travelers over the age of 17 only)
Cigarettes 300 units
or cigarillos (maximum weight: 3 g apiece) 150 units
or cigars 75 units
or smoking tobacco 400 g
ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES (travelers over the age of 17 only)
Table wines 4 liters
either distilled beverages or spirits measuring over 22% alcohol by volume 1,5 liters
or distilled beverages or spirits measuring 22% alcohol by volume or less (sparkling wines or liqueur wines) 3 liters
COFFEE 750 g
Or coffee extracts and essences 300 g
TEA 150 g
Or tea extracts and essences 60 g

To avoid having values or quantities contested, it is recommended that you keep the proofs of purchase for the merchandise you are bringing back in order to show them to Customs.

With respect to products of animal or plant origin or live animals, you must contact the DTAM Food Department ( or by phone at 05 08 41 09 67) or refer to this document.

In fact, in order to maintain this situation, the regulations concerning the entry of goods into Canada provide for the removal of all animal, vegetal or mineral commodities recognized as potentially harmful from a zoo-sanitary point of view.


The electrical current on Saint-Pierre and Miquelon is 220 volts, 50 Hz, and the electrical sockets are round. If you have electrical appliances from North America, make sure you bring a plug adapter and voltage converter for appliances requiring these.

Traveling with your pet

If you travel with your pet, find out before leaving whether your accommodations in Saint-Pierre et Miquelon accept animals.
To have your pets taken care of in Newfoundland:


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5 1/2 miles east of Grand Bank (between Molliers and Grand Beach).
Reserve 1 to 2 weeks in advance.
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BP 4208 - CP 97500 - Miquelon-Langlade
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