Guest rooms

Guest rooms

Chambre d'hôtes Chez Marie-Jo

At Marie-Jo’s, the rooms offer a spectacular view over the entire city and the natural surroundings. A true breath of fresh air!

37 rue Marcel Bonin
508 41 47 73

Chambre d’hôtes Le Central

Here, you’ll be staying very close to the downtown area, near everything (stores, grocery stores, pizzeria, snack bars, etc.). The owners will welcome you as guests in a family-style setting.

17 rue Joseph Lehuenen
508 41 79 31

Chez Hélène

You’ll like the warm welcome that awaits you at this charming family-style guest house.

15 rue Beaussant
508 41 31 08

La Taie n’Art d’Hier

Reserve a room in this inn and you’ll learn a bit more about its origins! And if you’re a hiking enthusiast, this is an ideal location for you, as it’s located at the starting point of many hikes.

18 Rue Ducouédic
508 41 47 49

Pension B&B Dodeman Bernard

Located a 15-minute walk from the center of Saint-Pierre, this guest house is a true safe haven. Each room has Wi-Fi and a television. The accommodation has two bathrooms.

15 rue Paul Bert
508 41 30 60

Pension Roland Vigneau

"A beautiful welcome, we feel like we were family's members! Good listening to our needs. We couldn't be better. Thanks a lot and take care of you"

Extract from the Guest Book

12 Rue des Basques
+508 41 38 67

L' Anjélie

You can’t miss it—this traditional house is green from top to bottom.

56 rue des Iles de la Madeleine
508 41 61 90 (ou 508 55 66 62)


Place du Général de Gaulle
BP 4208 - CP 97500 - Saint-Pierre
Phone:+508 41 02 00


MNE - Place des Ardilliers
BP 4208 - CP 97500 - Miquelon-Langlade
Phone: +508 41 61 87

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